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Get Ready for Tweet and Treat Trivia This Halloween Monday!

October 29, 2011  |  by Anne

Get ready for some Halloween fun this Monday as we play Tweet and Treat Trivia!

To prepare for Monday, make sure you are following @MRIS_REal_News on Twitter – click here to follow!  All day Monday, MRIS trivia questions will be sent from @MRIS_REal_News and the first person to tweet back the correct answer wins a treat!

When tweeting a reply answer, you must include the MRIS hashtag (#MRIS) in your response.

So… what’s the treat? You’ll just have to be the first to answer one of our eight questions correctly and find out! This sweet treat (don’t worry, it’s not candy) will be sent to your email if you win!

Recap of Tweet and Treat Trivia:

  1. Follow @MRIS_REal_News on Twitter
  2. Be on the lookout for Tweet and Treat Trivia questions sent from @MRIS_REal_News on Monday
  3. Reply with the correct answer and include #MRIS in your response
  4. The first to respond correctly wins a treat from MRIS!

Best of luck with our Tweet and Treat Trivia!


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One response to “Get Ready for Tweet and Treat Trivia This Halloween Monday!”

  1. MRIS_Anne says:

    Looking forward to some Halloween fun!

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