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Get Sentrilock Lockbox Analytics without Leaving Keystone

December 8, 2015  |  by Jess

Want to see lockbox activity on your listing? If you choose to add Sentrilock lockbox information to your listing, you will!

lockboxThis information is accessible by clicking the Lockbox icon for your listing on the Keystone Homepage. You’ll see a number inside a green bubble that tells you how many times the lockbox was accessed. Clicking on the icon will show not just how many visits your listing has received, but also the date and time when your listing was shown, and the name and contact information for the agent who showed your listing – all without having to log into Sentrilock separately.

This is a great timesaver for listing agents. You can easily see what activity your listing is seeing and provide that information to your sellers.

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8 responses to “Get Sentrilock Lockbox Analytics without Leaving Keystone”

  1. Paul Gupta says:

    Would the lockbox activities show right away after the showing, or AFTER the showing agent would renew his/her Sentricard?

  2. Grace says:

    How do you setup your Sentrilock in MRIS? I clicked on the lockbox ICON and it wouldn't let me set it up…

  3. Aaron McKeegan says:

    I get this error when assigning my lockbox even though my listing is active:

    Your lockbox assignment has been sent, but the listing is currently unavailable in the lockbox system. Your lockbox assignment is PENDING and will be completed once the listing is available. The assignment will show in Keystone once it has completed processing in the lockbox system.

    Note: If your listing is in COMING SOON status, it will not be visible in the lockbox system until it becomes ACTIVE. COMING SOON status listings with an expected on market date more than 10 days from today's date will need to have the lockbox assigned again once the listing becomes ACTIVE.

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