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Get to Know the New Keystone Profile Sheets!

February 27, 2014  |  by Jess

Have you ever used any of the Keystone Profile Sheets? We’ve recently updated them to match up with the new Keystone Listing Input screens so you’ll know exactly which fields are

required – marked in red
conditional – for a specific type of listing, and
optional – for special, unique, or other additional features.

Next time you’re getting ready to list a property, print out or pull up any of our Keystone Profile Sheets on your iPad or tablet to use as a reference. By using profile sheets, you’ll be able to input your listing into Keystone as completely as possible since you’ll know ahead of time which fields are required for your listing.

Profile sheets are available for Fee Simple Sale, Multi-Family, Commercial and Lot/Land.

Click here to access Keystone Profile Sheets. Note: You will be prompted to login to MRIS.

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11 responses to “Get to Know the New Keystone Profile Sheets!”

  1. Molina says:

    Sounds like from now on we should see any listings with missing info! Some of them lack very important and basic information; you have to wonder if the realtor ever even went to the property!

  2. dleadbetter says:

    I still strongly support Schools being a required field to be filled in with information from the appropriate
    County website. All Counties have websites where you can look up the school information, including information if the school district is going to change. I don't understand the reluctance to make this a required field given that many buyers are adamant that they want only to search in a specific school district. This is made even harder because you cannot search specifically by MAP within a school district without mapping
    the district yourself. Buyers are pushed to sites where they can search specifically by school district. This
    should be a feature in MRIS.

  3. AgentL&F says:

    I completely agree with the comment saying that school information should be REQUIRED.

  4. Vivdell says:

    I agree with dleabetter. It is such a pleasure when I see the schools listed (very rarely). Can we make that a requirement? So helps the searching and time required to find the schools.

  5. C.Armstrong says:

    If the agent tells the buyer the home is in the school district they be come liable if they are
    wrong. All ways give the buyers the school board number so they can verify that it is in the district
    they want to be in. I don't think it needs to be on the listing form, but can be placed in comments
    if the agent would like to add it. If your wrong E&O will cover it!

  6. Michael G. says:

    Will there be profile sheets for rentals. I've inquired to MRIS about this a few months ago.

  7. Sandra says:

    Can you get rid of ADC Map coordinates as a required field. I haven't used a paper map in years for location. Thanks.

  8. Laurie says:

    MRIS only allows for rounded numbers on measurements. Tax records are frequently wrong. And buyers are not required to do their due diligence. An agent had a home that was 10 feet off in measurement. The buyer sued. Really? It’s the litigious nature of clients that causes listings with less information.

  9. Bill says:

    Realtors can always be counted on to have ideas, after the fact, well here is one.

    Red doesn't help with all the black ink printers in our office!

    What say you to ITALICS in red for your next revision.

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