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Getting Acquainted

November 10, 2010  |  by Jonathan Miller

Well it’s my first post of many to come here at the MRIS Blog so why not get acquainted?

I’m that housing market analyst guy that MRIS approached recently to analyze data in all the markets MRIS/RBI covers.  I’m here to share how I see things in plain and simple language – provide neutral market perspective – so hopefully everyone will gain a better understanding about what’s going on in the Washington DC, Baltimore area housing market.

Like me, I would imagine most of you are bombarded with a tsunami of housing data and analysis on a daily basis – and a lot of it is out of context or even misleading.

I do admit I feel like a kid in a candy store since RBI manages the highest quality data on US housing markets I’ve ever seen so I have a lot to work with.

I’d love your feedback and insights and look forward to having an engaging conversation with you here….so strap in.

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