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Got Spam?

February 1, 2012  |  by Anne

Spam is like an internet nat that you just can’t seem to brush away.  Though there will always be the potential threat of phishing scams (spammers literally “fishing” for your information), there are things you can do to protect yourself.

1. Recognizing Spam: Look at the email address. If it looks suspicion, it’s probably Spam.  If you aren’t sure how to identify these types of emails, do some Googling.  There are dozens or articles geared towards this.
2. Call before you open or click: Whether it’s an email claiming to be from MRIS or your credit card company, don’t click email links if something looks off. Specifically for MRIS emails, we will never ask for your MRIS account information. If you ever are in question about a suspicious email, call the company that eligibly sent it. A quick confirmation call never hurts.

MRIS is committed to protecting your information. MRIS will never ask for your account information or password via email. For more tips on preventing spam in your inbox, click here.

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3 responses to “Got Spam?”

  1. Karen Donaldson says:

    It is so frustrating when suddenly the e-mails from an agent that I'm doing business with start going to SPAM. I check my SPAM about 4 times a day. But in the day & age it drives me nuts that "good" mail goes to SPAM also. It's been a problem that I've heard from agent for years.

  2. karen donaldson says:

    Great reminder that MRIS will never ask us for our account information.

  3. suzanne valentin says:

    Security measures are great… And good to know what yours are

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