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Green Features Abound In Area Homes

April 22, 2014  |  by Ellen


A home with geothermal heating in Leesburg, Va.

When we asked our customers about some of the green trends they were seeing out there in the housing market in a recent survey we expected plenty of responses about EnergyStar appliances and good insulation. It turns out that the meaning of green has expanded in so many different directions in every type of home. In honor of Earth Day here are a few examples of what is out there (click on the photos to be taken directly to the listing page). 

One of the biggest surprises from our survey was the write-in portion where we asked agents what kinds of features their clients are asking about. The most common response? Geothermal heating. A quick search in with that keyword brings up eleven different properties across the entire price spectrum. The one pictured above is a 4 bed/8 bath asking $3.5M in Leesburg, Va.

A few years ago bamboo was considered a niche building material around this area but the popularity has grown from being used just for floors to now cabinets, paneling, and decorative touches. Below is an Arlington one bedroom condo that uses bamboo cabinets (plus cork floors and eco-friendly quartz countertops).


Built with eco-friendly materials, this Arlington condo is asking $599,000.

LEED Certified is another one of those buzzwords that used to exist at the margins of the home construction industry but has gained a huge following from both builders and homeowners who are involved in the design decisions of their property. The Duncan development in Alexandria is one of the more recent local builds that used LEED principles from the beginning.

An end unit in Alexandria's LEED certified Duncan development.

An end unit in Alexandria’s LEED certified Duncan development.

Not to be confused with LEED, there is also a growing trend for LED lights that produce the same amount of light but use much less energy. There’s a 3 bed/ 4 bath home in Columbia Heights that uses them throughout the house (asking price $799,000).

Green living does not necessarily mean modern. In fact using reclaimed materials can be one of the best ways to have a green home since it saves using new raw materials while also keeping something old out of an landfill. A home in McLean has reclaimed wood flooring and French doors with antique glass to add a bit of adaptive reuse to their living space. Here’s another one on 5th St NW that used planks from the original wood floor as the backboard for the mounted television. The home also has solar panels and is built with energy efficiency in mind.

A Shaw home with reclaimed materials and solar panels.

A Shaw home with reclaimed materials and solar panels.

Beyond the houses themselves, a very popular trend within the District is to create green communities. Urban planners have made sure major developments like Chancellor’s Row and Monroe Street Market have a walkable layout within easy access of public transportation, ZipCars, and Bikeshare stations. Here’s a 3 bed/3.5 bath Chancellor’s Row home for sale for $774,900.

Chancellor's Row is one of DC's newest walkable communities.

Chancellor’s Row is one of DC’s newest walkable communities.


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