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Groundhog Day: Chomp On 5 Ways to Improve Your Business

February 2, 2012  |  by Anne

You know the classic movie… Bill Murray’s character awakes to Groundhogs Day on repeat.  What finally breaks the cycle is Bill Murray’s ability to change his attitude.

So if you are stuck in a business rut, the first thing you can do is change your attitude.  Get positive and embrace change!

Chomp on these 5 things you can do right now that will help you improve your business!



1. Attend a training.

  • From on-demand tutorials to quick training class sign ups, MRIS-U makes it easy to improve your MRIS knowledge.  Tool Tip Tuesdays (bite-size webinar series with different topics every week) start February 7th, so check out the topic list to see if any topics peak your interest.

2. Keep up with

  • Sign up for the RSS feed (upper right hand corner) to receive daily update emails.  Another great option is to drag out the widget from your Matrix Homepage to conveniently keep up with the latest MRIS news and updates.

3. Audit your website.

  • Your website is the key of your business whether it’s a blog or hosts an area for customer to search for their next home.  If you think it’s a little out of date, just imagine what first time site visitors think.  If you are set on starting from scratch, XactSite websites by MRIS offer a combination of power and affordability.  Visit to learn more.

4. Update your headshot and contact information.

  • Don’t miss out on a hand given opportunity! Make sure consumers searching on can get in contact with you.  Just search for yourself on  If you have 000-000-000 as your contact number, you need to visit and select Account Changes to update your contact information.  To upload your headshot, select the option to “Upload your headshot to”

5. Pick up the phone.

  • Pick a client you haven’t spoken with in a while and just give them a ring.  Call just to say hello, to check in.  As important as social media is in today’s marketing game, nothings quite like a good old fashioned phone call.  Apple Butter is a great alternative too.

So get chomping and feel free to share some of your own tips below!


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4 responses to “Groundhog Day: Chomp On 5 Ways to Improve Your Business”

  1. karen donaldson says:

    Working on up dating my database for my newsletter and providing useful information..

  2. Updating our stale website is priority #1 for February…just can't seem to find the time.

  3. Brian Block says:

    This is all good advice. BTW, did the groundhog see his shadow or not?

  4. karen donaldson says:

    The groundhog did see his shadow. And at the Baltimore Zoo they set up 2 boxes.One marked Winter and one marked Spring. They both had meatballs in them and for some reason the Tiger went and attacked the Winter box first.

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