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Guest Post by Adam Vogst on the Latest Changes to

August 12, 2011  |  by Anne

Adam Vogst gives his two cents on the latest additions to the new  Comment below to keep the conversation going! What features do you think consumers will find useful?


The new website is a modern, user-friendly tool for finding the right home that will be a real help to consumers and agents alike. The traditional search is still there for the numbers-oriented consumer who may be focused on a specific price range while the map search helps the cartographically-inclined user focus on a specific neighborhood. The new mobile site is an especially big help to those of us who are continually out and about, whether visiting properties or meeting clients. I’m a particularly big fan of the Walk Score feature, which tells a consumer how close a house is to public transportation, grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, and other neighborhood amenities. With gas prices so high, more homebuyers are looking for walkable neighborhoods where they can spend less time in the car and more time enjoying life. Way to go, MRIS, and thanks for the help!

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5 responses to “Guest Post by Adam Vogst on the Latest Changes to”

  1. Roy says: is a beautiful thing to behold. I think it's got a fantastic GUI and it's easy to use.

    Unfortunately we must not promote it in ANY way as it competes directly with our agent web sites. Homesdatabase drives traffic directly to the listing agent. The listing agents phone number, web site and email address are all listed on each and every listed property. MRIS created this without our permission and instead of safe guarding our data as we pay them to do, they use our data for the benefit of this competing site. This site should be halted or adjusted to be like any other IDX which references "Courtesy of Listing Broker". If they did that, I would happily get rid of my IDX (that I pay for to drive traffic to me) and use MRIS instead. I guess the real question is: What is the job of an MLS system? I know it's to do the right thing by it's members. The members pay them to safe guard all the listing information for our use, not to just hand out information to the public… that's our job. REALTORS hand out information in exchange for the hope of working with them as buyers and sellers. The primary way we try to contact the general public is through our online efforts. Efforts that are thwarted by the competition (

    We are the information givers, MRIS is supposed to be our information-safe keepers.

    Just my two cents, while I still have two cents.

  2. Russ says:

    Well Roy, you just hit the nail on the head with a pile driver. The website enhancements should be to the professional system the agents pay for before MRIS does anything to And as a primary buyer’s agent, I too would like to see them to shut it down. It is hard enough to turn customers into clients, Homesdatebase again steps up the game and goes after our customers offering a better produce to complete against us their website paying clients. Yes they are unwelcome competition to their paying clients. I think a big problem is MRIS DOES NOT SEE or understand they are our competition. As for delivering a good service to the buyers looking for property, Homesdatabase pushes the buyer towards the agents already representing the seller’s interest. Now how is that a service to the buyer? Frustrated again. May this will get some comments started.

  3. Hi Russ and Roy
    Thanks for the constructive comments. They are appreciated. just so you know, HDB was launched in 1999 and has gone through several iterations since then. Our then (as it is now) is to serve primarily as an entry portal rather than a destination site. We do not accept any advertising, we do not charge extra for it, we only permit listings from MRIS to appear on it.
    I do understand your comment about it serving home sellers and the benefits it offer to agents with listings. What would you suggest?

  4. MRIS_CMO says:

    Russ and Roy, I also echo David's comments and I am very interested in the feedback and suggestions you may have.

    Roy, re: your comment "enhancements (instead) should be to the professional system the agents pay for " I wanted to bring to your attention that this year alone we've made a number of structural enhancements to the Matrix system, including a big version upgrade as well as MRIS fax, we launched Media Connect, made several Public Records upgrades and also a 2G storage upgrade to email, to name but a few.

    All of these improvements have been made at no additional cost to our customers and, most important, have been developed in parallel to the upgrade. We are also working on a new agent directory that is more social media style, so those agents that do not specialize in listings can be found and retained by consumers visiting

    So, I hear you that we've got to listen, think (and deliver) to help you in your business and wanted to let you know that we're very interested in your suggestions and will work hard to quickly implement viable changes to the system.

  5. Roy Kohn says:

    I am extremely happy with MRIS, the ongoing enhancements and the technical support staff. As the years go on MRIS get's better and better! I have nothing but nice things to say about every aspect of MRIS with the exception of Even when I complain about as I have numerous times over the last several years, someone from MRIS always communicates with me to try to make things right but the main problem is that MRIS has no perspective.

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