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Have you explored MRIS’ website lately?

August 1, 2012  |  by Anne

Special thanks to Cheryl Ritchie from Huntingtown, MD for sharing this post on Active Rain!  We are happy to hear is a great resource for you – thanks for spreading the word!

DC Area Realtors..Have you explored MRIS website lately?

by Cheryl Ritchie

Oh, Boy. That is all I can say.

Sunday is what I call Sun and Surf Day. I surf around and learn this product or that. The rule is make it fun. No real agenda. Where my nose leads me on my iPad of course.

Best thing is all the MRIS components seem to work well on the iPad. You can easily navigate Keystone, Matrix and Not to mention for cool stats on the go.

Biggest surprise? There are so many new things it took much, MUCHO, much longer to explore than I expected. For instance…

There are gobs of three to five minute videos on how to do all the new stuff via the site.

There are easy to read 8 to 10 page PDF visuals for the same items. Watch OR Read whatever you fancy as a preferred learning mechanism.

There are speed shortcuts and a new Keystone page for Microwave Mentality Users i.e. Yours Truly who wants it done NOW!

There are cool tweets to retweet and a blog site of great ideas plus a news section, too. Woo Hoo.

I’m DIZZY from exploring and learning. Go take a peek! It is sweet way to ramp up your MLS tech skills!

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One response to “Have you explored MRIS’ website lately?”

  1. Hi Cheryl, Thanks for sharing this information about MRIS on ActiveRain. I commented on this back in April when you wrote this post. Now I am really going to go check it all out. Thanks for the information,


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