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Have You Had Any Superstitious Clients?

August 21, 2013  |  by Ellen

Inman News contributor Bernice Ross wrote this fun article last week about clients who have brought their own superstitions to the real estate transactions.

She shared just a few examples, such as the clients who wouldn’t make any real estate decisions while Mercury was in retrograde or the ones who used highly complicated numerology formulas to determine which property to buy. She also knows of an agent who buries a statue of St. Joseph in the yard of a listed property to help it sell faster (but that is only used during down markets).

We’re curious what our readers have seen in their years at the frontlines of the real estate market. Have you had any superstitious clients who surprised you with a ritual during the buying or selling process? How did you respond to the situation?

Click here to read the full article.

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One response to “Have You Had Any Superstitious Clients?”

  1. ilona motz says:

    Hey, the St. Joseph statue works for me! Is it coincidence that a contract comes in after "planting" a St. Joseph, or is it real? I don't know. All I know is that St. Joseph has never let me down.

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