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High Resolution/HD Photos

June 3, 2013  |  by Diane Ives

Editor’s Note: Diane would like to thank Bryan Ives, a professional photographer in Illinois, for his help in preparing this article.

Bryan shared this comment with me about the importance of really great, high resolution photos after he purchased a home in Illinois.

“As a recent home buyer, I would say that the impact of good clear pictures allowed me to save time. I could visit listings virtually through the internet to narrow down my selections, and I didn’t have to second guess if I should take a look because I couldn’t really make out what the place looked like. Higher quality images gave me the impression that there’s nothing hiding behind a lousy picture that may not be in focus. Everything is about first impressions and presentation. Many homes are staged, so why not step it up a notch and wow the buyer online by equipping yourself with the right gear or hiring a photographer to get it done. I think everyone does most, if not all, of their research online today, and what better way to get noticed.”

In class, I’m often asked questions about photos. I thought I’d share some of these with you.

What are the benefits of high resolution photos?

The higher the resolution, the larger the image can be while retaining exceptional clarity. A small (Thumbnail) image (like the image in the Matrix Multi-line display) would not see a lot of improvement from this change. Products (like the MRIS Virtual/Slideshow) that display a larger image will benefit greatly from these new high resolution images.

What makes up High Resolution/HD?

Pixel Density or pixels per square inch refers to the resolution. Take the new generation of Apple products for example. They boast about their retina displays being so packed full of pixels, the eye cannot distinguish the pixelation.

What is Pixel Ratio?

The pixel ratio refers to pixels per square inch (PPI) of an image file.

Does the camera have any influence on HD Photos?

The camera and the lens each play a significant role in producing a high quality image. The lens not only affects the sharpness and clarity, but lenses also have various levels of aberration that can ruin image quality. High end lenses can resolve this issue. Bryan stresses that the lens, which is most likely going to be a wide angle for real estate photography, be high quality. A higher quality camera and lens can eliminate many problems, but ultimately it comes down to knowing how to adjust for the unexpected lighting conditions that can throw off a lot of “Auto” settings on the camera.

Resolution is not the only thing to consider when picking a camera. The color range, or gamut, that the sensor can reproduce accurately is very important.

Where will I see these High Resolution/HD Photos?

High Definition and High Resolution photos will be displayed on the following MRIS products:

  • MRIS Slideshow (viewable from Matrix and
  • MRISHomes mobile app
  • XactSite and ActiveAgent

Can I print HD photos?

The MRIS Slideshow has a new Print option located in the Options section of the MRIS Slideshow. This allows you to print HD photos.

What are the possible photo sizes?
Agents can upload photos as large as they want through Media Connect. During the upload process Media Connect will resize the photograph to a maximum size of 2048 x 1536 while maintaining the aspect ratio.

  • Thumbnail 96 x 64
  • Medium 384 X 256
  • Full 768 X 512
  • HiRes 1280 X 800
  • HD 2048 X 1536

Please use our feedback link on the bottom of every page of Matrix if you’d like to suggest HD and High Resolution photos usage on other products.

Don’t forget tomorrow’s Tool Tip Tuesday on Media Connect and HD Photos! The webinar starts at 10am – register here!

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