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Hint, Hint: New Media Connect Changes Help You Remember Which Photo is Which

November 17, 2011  |  by Tim

We recently made a few of small changes in Media Connect that are designed to help improve photo accuracy.  For example, Media Connect now displays the picture file name as it appears on your computer.   This can be a little confusing, so the best way to explain this is with an example.

If your photo is named “House deck_8904049.jpg” on your desktop, Media Connect will carry over the name and you’ll see Photo #1 (House deck_8904049.jpg) once you’ve uploaded the photo.  If a photo has a default name like “IMG_6560,” Media Connect will still label it Photo #2 (IMG_6560). See example below. This change will only occur to future photos uploads and will not change current photos loaded in Media Connect.

We did this because we understand that there may be some lapse time between taking the photos and uploading them to Media Connect.  We also know that the person who took the photos isn’t always the one to upload to Media Connect (for example, when you hire an outside photographer).  Importing the file name to Media Connect will help avoid questions like, “Is this the side entry way or the backyard entrance?”  Your answer is in the file name that is only visible to you in Media Connect, right next to the photographs priority.  This is intended as a hint to help you enter a more accurate Category and Caption.

Another adjustment was made to the Terms of Use.  Now, when you are uploading pictures to Media Connect you must agree to the Media Connect Terms of Use.  Click “Continue” and you are on your way with your photo uploads.

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