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Home Pricing Wizard is Now Available! Create Powerful CMAs in Minutes – Now That’s Magic!

June 15, 2012  |  by Anne

Cast a spell over your clients with high impact CMAs. No price ranges here! Home Pricing Wizard generates an actual price estimate in a matter of minutes. This unique CMA tool combines your own professional opinion with the power of statistics.

Utilize the Home Pricing Wizard in order to:
  • Generate professional, branded reports with vivid charts and graphs.
  • Create buyer and seller net sheets to project gains or losses on a sliding price scale.
  • Impress clients with a true estimate, not a range.
The real magic behind this tool is its ability to condense hours of work into a matter of minutes. Home Pricing Wizard is offered as a premium product to enhance your property valuations. Visit or watch the overview video below to learn more!

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5 responses to “Home Pricing Wizard is Now Available! Create Powerful CMAs in Minutes – Now That’s Magic!”

  1. MDSuburbs says:

    Looks great and it'll be a big help!

  2. Bpb Jurgensen says:

    It would be far more likely to be considered if MRIS would offer a 14-30 day free trail – no one wants to fork over $ in this market for an unknown product – sure, it looks like it is a great product, and I don't mind paying for a great product, but I would like to come to that conclusion on my own, after checking out the claims by the promo and use it myself.

    If I were selling this product, I would want maximum exposure and give MRIS subscribers a free trial so they can evaluate the product. I've been doing CMA's for nearly 30 years, and while an easier and better presentation is always welcome, I'm not going to change to a product until I know it works for me. Why not just raise our dues by $5/mo and provide it to us all… you'd make far more money than the likely less than 10% adoption rate you will experience selling it this way.

  3. Cornela Heckenbach says:

    Good point totaly agree

  4. Bpb Jurgensen says:

    Thanks – now if only MRIS staff would read this and rethink it's strategy – which is always non-Realtor type of thinking (the only thing I sometimes think we have in common with MRIS staff is that we both want to make money… nothing wrong with that but do they truly understand the business?)

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