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HomesDatabase is Driving a Plethora of Leads to You!

June 14, 2011  |  by Dessie

Do the math, is consistently sending 3.5 times the amount of leads to MRIS customers than the other top 5 national home search sites. Think you are getting leads from national sites?  Think again, ListHub analytics show that MRIS customers have received an average of 20,872 leads each month from, while the other top 5 websites have sent a TOTAL of 32,369 leads to MRIS customers in 2011.


MRIS customers are consistently receiving thousands of inquiries to Agent and Broker phone and websites through  From January 2011 – May 2011, MRIS customers have received 183,775 web and phone inquiries from  With the launch of the new site, we will start tracking the number of email inquiries that are sent to all customers.

You see these stats, but is your phone ringing? Make sure you update your contact information in

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2 responses to “HomesDatabase is Driving a Plethora of Leads to You!”

  1. cwspeicher says:

    Does this take into account paid ad placement on sites like Zillow or is this simply referring to unpaid? I ask, because all things being equal, sites like, Zillow, Yahoo!, and Trulia rank higher than HomesDatabase in traffic and search.

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