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How Facebook’s New Graph Search Can Help Real Estate Agents

July 9, 2013  |  by Ellen

If the number one rule of real estate is location, location, location then the number one rule of how real estate agents find clients has got to be word of mouth. Facebook’s new Graph Search feature is going to make word of mouth even more powerful for everyone and real estate agents can become major beneficiaries if they play their cards right. This expanded search function has been open to small groups until this week when Facebook opened it to all American English users so that means millions more people have the ability to find what their friends ‘like’ with a simple keyword search.

For this example I used the keywords: Friends of my friends who like real estate agents in Washington, District of Columbia. The result? Six different pages of friends who have ‘liked’ one or more real estate agents or brokerages in or near DC. That equals about fifty different agents that have been recommended by someone I know or have one degree of separation from. Facebook makes it easy to connect to those agents because each ‘like’ is an active link. All I have to do is click the link from the search results and it goes directly to that agent’s Facebook page. 

For agents to be found through a Graph Search they need to make their Facebook settings public and they can increase their chances of showing up in a search by including the right keywords in their About page. Words like broker, realtor, and the specific name of a brokerage are all easy ways to increase getting picked up in a Graph Search. Keep in mind this search function only looks at what is written in people’s informational pages (such as their Likes and About pages), not their individual timelines. So agents don’t need to worry about making sure every post to their timeline has all the keywords—just the static pages that don’t usually change too much.

We want to hear from you. Are you using Graph Search in your work?

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