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How to Enter Rooms in New Keystone

June 24, 2013  |  by Jess

The MRIS Support Center team has reported that one of their top call drivers from the past few weeks is

“How do I enter rooms in New Keystone?”

In New Keystone, you are no longer presented with every room option in a house. Instead you can select which rooms you wish to add and give specific details on each, and you can select and remove rooms and levels, too! Here are the new steps:

1. Select the rooms you want to include from the drop down menu.
2. After making your selections you can use the drop downs to select the level, flooring, fireplace type, length and width.
3. You can also delete a room by clicking the X next to the room name.
4. Select your Story List from the drop down menu.
5. After making your selection you will be able to enter the number of bedrooms, full baths, and half baths in each level.
6. To remove a level, simply click on the X next to the name in the Story List selection box.

If you would like to have a nice, print-friendly copy of this information (with helpful graphics included), click here.

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4 responses to “How to Enter Rooms in New Keystone”

  1. Carolyn McCarthy says:

    Can you add Morning Room to the list of choices?

  2. Karen Mallen says:

    I have always been confused by "2nd Story Family Room" & "2nd Story Family Room Overlook". Does that mean a house with a 2-story Family Room or a house with a 2nd level family room? Please explain.

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