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How You Can Take Advantage of Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Tweak

February 19, 2014  |  by Ellen

FacebookAs the second most visited website in the world, Facebook has almost reached world domination status, so whenever they make a tiny adjustment to the way they do things it can have a huge ripple effect for their audience.

Recently they announced they have altered their algorithm so that more news items with links will show up in users’ feeds. These won’t be links from just anywhere – it has to be someone within a user’s network who posts the link to their timeline. But Facebook has said that these types of posts will start showing up more frequently than the ones without news links.

While this can be detrimental for some types of companies, real estate professionals have a number of options to workaround the new algorithm.

Adding links to neighborhood news and trend stories from major publications help increase the chances of your post appearing more frequently. If you want to get the word out about a new listing, try to connect it to a news story.

Say a news site runs a story on the Case-Shiller report. An effective Facebook post can read: “The latest Case-Shiller says inventory is down [insert link to the news story]…but not in this neighborhood! Here’s a brand new listing that just came to market.” Add a picture of the exterior and the link to the listing so it is easy for readers to find out more information. Note: In the Facebook universe a link to a listing isn’t given the same ranking as a link to a news item, so you should include both links in your post.

Also, don’t forget that Facebook remembers what posts a user has “liked” in the past. This means Facebook is more likely to make new items from “liked” pages or people appear in a user’s feed more often (whether or not it has a link). The more times you post something newsy that is relevant to the user — hint: the perennial favorite is a story about new developments in their neighborhood — the more likely the reader is going to “like” that post. Then future posts, even those that might not be as relevant, will still show up in their feed.

If you’re active on Facebook, have you noticed items showing up in your news feed more often? What kind of response do you get from people who have liked your Page?

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