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Ideas to steal: add some creativity to your closing gifts

June 25, 2010  |  by Anne


Wine and cheese baskets, and flowers, OH MY! How repetitive are your closing gifts? Instead of doing a traditional food basket, why not think out of the box.  Doing more practical gifts might just be the more creative, personal touch that your clients will remember.

Regardless of whether a house is a “fixer-upper” or a “turn key,” anyone moving into a new home is going to need the basics: light bulbs, batteries, hangers etc.  So be creative and have fun!  A bouquet of light bulbs, perhaps?  Maybe a basket of paint brushes and a color wheel?

Other more personal gifts include ordering a catered meal for the family on moving day, finding a local artist to do a charcoal sketch of your client’s new home or ordering a lawn service for their first few weeks.  A personal favorite of mine is linking your clients up with an interior decorator and paying for their one hour consultation. 

Closing gifts culminate a long, and sometimes strenuous process of buying or selling a home.  Look at it as an opportunity to really show your client you care.  Personal gifts might just be the most creative.

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