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Improvements to the Keystone Photo Upload Process

February 4, 2011  |  by Tim

If you have ever added a listing with photos, there is a very good chance you’ve made a suggestion or five on how to improve the overall photo uploading experience.  Maybe you called customer support, became frustrated, or both.  Product Management Team and I are fully aware of the current issues, and are happy to announce we are in the process of improving a few major areas of concern.

Current known issues that are being addressed and their corresponding solutions:

  1. Problem: It takes FOREVER to upload your pictures. Solution: The new Media Manager will allow you to upload all 30 photos at one time.
  2. Problem: Listings are submitted to the MLS and viewed by customers without any photos. Solution: upload and manipulate your photos while in your work area before you submit to the MLS.
  3. Problem: scene codes are too restrictive and don’t adequately describe the photo. Solution: The ability to free form type the scene code that best describes your photo

Our initial goal with the new Media Manager is to eliminate these major complaints, as well as a few smaller frustrations. Media Manager is designed to allow you to create a more finished and marketable listing.  Submit to the MLS only when you believe it is ready for your colleagues and their clients to review.

Over the next year you will see many improvements to the process of adding a listing.  The first phase will be focused on the issues above, adding and manipulating photos.

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2 responses to “Improvements to the Keystone Photo Upload Process”

  1. Becky says:

    There's a problem with uploading some pictures. The agent I am working with (who will remain nameless) uploaded my pictures (I am the photographer) and they appear to be underwater (?) The MRIS copyright is HUGE and the pictures look horrible. She has done this before and they came out fine so we believe it has something to do with MRIS. The client has already complained. Please advise.

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