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Including an MLS Number in Your Home for Sale Blog is Important

September 3, 2010  |  by John Heithaus

Including an MLS Number in Your Home for Sale Blog is Important!

You see blogs marketing homes for sale all the time here at Active Rain, right? But of all those blogs, have you noticed how many of them often to do not include the MLS number of the listing?  To me, it seems like quite a few.

I didn’t used to worry about the MLS number, but I’ve changed my mind. I believe that including the MLS number in your house for sale blog is important for a couple of reasons.

1. It helps potential buyers to accurately know which house they are talking about when they call you. Think about it.  Having that MLS number makes the search so much faster in the MLS.  And furthermore, how many houses are there for sale on that same street throughout the entire MLS?  Or how often do you get calls when the buyer only knows a part of the address?  If they’re reading your blog and the MLS number is clearly posted, it can be very helpful.

2. Including a MLS number keeps you tied to the listing. This may not be true of Zillow and Trulia, but it will be with anywhere your blog goes on the Internet.  If a fellow Rainer reblogs your home for some reason, you are still tied as the primary agent to the listing.  I’m wondering about putting the MLS number into the photograph.  If we were to do that, even Trulia and Zillow would be forced to keep us tied to the listing indirectly.

3. Another reason to include the MLS number in your blog is to protect you if/when the property expires and you and the seller decided not to dance together any longer. If they list the property with someone else and your great blog and pics are still ranking number one on the Internet Google search, you might could be accused of misrepresenting the property because you are not the listing agent.  I am now including the MLS number and a disclaimer on expired properties that covers my copyrighted pictures and verbage about how the blog may not reflect current listing of the property, etc.  This way, the next listing agent can’t say I am representing their listing.

4. One final reason to include the MLS number is because, as consumers learn to use Google searches, they are learning how to search using a variety of terms like MLS numbers. Want an example?  Go to Google and do a search for one of your MLS numbers.  Your property might come up on or in other places.  Is your blog showing up?  Ah-ha!  Get it???

credit Bob Haywood, REALTOR from Tulsa, OK

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