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Introducing Authentisign2Go!

September 25, 2013  |  by Jess

Authentisign2Go™, a browser-based version of Authentisign that is designed for the iPad®, is now available to make it easier for Authentisign customers to conduct business from the road. Current Authentisign customers, this enhancement is included as part of your Authentisign subscription, and you do not have to sign up or opt-in to take advantage of the new features. All you need to do is use Authentisign on your iPad, and it will automatically redirect you to Authentisign2Go.


  • Is completely touch and gesture based on the iPad®
  • Does NOT require the installation of an app, 100% completely browser based
  • Allows you to scroll through documents by simply flicking your finger
  • Has new fly-out document navigation and markup tools make drag and drop placement of signatures faster and easier
  • Features a new one-page Wizard makes the creation of signings fast and simple
  • Is compatible with all previously created signings made with Authentisign
  • Is e-SIGN compliant
  • Allows you to set-up the forms for electronic signature and have them signed, all on a tablet, remotely or while sitting with a client.

Here’s a quick overview of the features of Authentisign2Go and how they address customer needs and suggestions:

With the desktop version of Authentisign, you were unable to initiate signings from a mobile device,
but with Authentisign2Go™, you can now create a signing from your mobile device using the In-Person Participant feature in Authentisign2Go. An In-Person Participant is someone who will sign the document while in your presence without having to sign into his or her own email.

Also, when creating a signing on a mobile device, you can choose either Sign In-Line or Simul-Sign, just as it is on the desktop version. Sign In-Line requires participant signatures in designated order set by creator, Simul-Sign is first come, first serve for participants. You also can add multiple signers with different role assignments, just like you’ve been able to on your desktop computer. Placement of initial blocks and signature blocks is easily accomplished by dragging and dropping, saving customers time.

With the full power of the system available on mobile, you can have multiple people sign a document without losing any capability when initiating from a mobile device. This feature increases your efficiency by allowing you to create a signing while out of the office instead of being in front of your office computer. Your clients also no longer have to wait for you to bring hard copies of documents to sign in person as e-signing documents can be sent instantaneously.

Authentisign2Go synchronizes with Authentisign letting you access your signings from either the mobile or desktop Authentisign environment. This keeps everything in sync no matter where the signing was initiated. You can start a signing on your desktop and access it remotely while with a client.

In addition to the launch of Authentisign2Go, there are other new features and enhancements that are now available to the existing Authentisign platform as well:

Print Driver: This time saving feature (for PC users only) allows you to virtually print a document right into the signing and bypass the “save as” function of storing it onto the computer.

Private Participant: You can add a signer without knowing their email address. A private signer’s email address can be added later by another participant. Typically this is used when listing agents don’t want to give buyer agents the email address of the seller.

Separate Authentisign Documents: Documents that are uploaded separately are now merged into one file for adding signature blocks and also presented as one merged document to the participant. Upon output, you can retrieve one comprehensive file and also separated, but signed files.

Email Notifications for Completed e-Signing: You’ll receive email notification of every completed e-signing by each signing participant so it’s easy to know who has or has not signed. By knowing what is outstanding in the process, you can focus your efforts to complete the signing.

We hope current Authentisign customers are as excited about these new enhancements as we are. Not an Authentisign customer? Click here to learn more!

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21 responses to “Introducing Authentisign2Go!”

  1. Mobeen Khan says:

    Does it work with Zip form on line too.


    Mobeen Khan

  2. Mary says:

    So where/how is this available? There is no information as to what to do to obtain the program.

  3. Mukami says:

    Is this automatically available to current Authentisign customers or do we have to do something? Also, it says Ipad platform, does that mean Android users cannot use it?

  4. Mary says:

    Jess. I am a customer. But is is available where? There is nothing that I can see to allow access.

  5. Mary says:

    Does this work on Android devices or just iPAD

  6. miguelavila1 says:

    Will definitely help us be more productive. Hope to use it soon.

  7. Gaye says:

    As per my inquiries to the Authentisign people starting back in February regarding a mobile version, they have already rolled out an Android compatible version in other associations. What is the holdup?

  8. Karen_MRIS says:

    Hi Gaye,
    I had a one-on-one webinar with Autentisign's training and social media lead last month and took the opportunity to tell them that Authentisign2Go wasn't fully functional on my Android tablet. I was told it's still in development for Android but at this time it's only fully compatible with iPad. For further clarification, with an Android you cannot initiate a signing but you can participate in a signing.

  9. Lavon Thaxton says:

    How long after a client has done the authentisign does it take before I can see it in the status on my dashboard? This is the first time I have used this and client said signed 20 minutes ago and I still don't see that her status has changed.


    Lavon Thaxton

  10. Ernie says:

    Is Authentisign2go available in Androids now?

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