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Introducing SSAD: A Streamlined Process for Fannie Mae Short Sales

January 11, 2012  |  by Anne

It’s no secret that the short sale process can take months to close.  From cooperation with buyers, sellers, the primary lienholder and any secondary lienholders, short sales can be a bumpy ride.

To help streamline this process, MRIS has launched the Fannie Mae Short Sale Assistance Desk (SSAD) program.  SSAD is designed to resolve issues on Fannie Mae short sales faster than ever before by allowing you to submit your eligible cases directly to Fannie Mae.

SSAD is available at no additional cost for MRIS customers. Want more?  Reports from other MLS markets with SSAD have indicated a significant reduction in the short sale closing process by as much as 30-45 days!

In addition to helping you get to closing faster, SSAD can provide prospective buyers with confidence that a short sale transaction is a viable home buying option.

The Short Sale Assistance Desk will help you:

  • Resolve issues on Fannie Mae short sale properties
  • Increase your short sale volume in less time
  • Avoid long, frustrating approval delays
  • Differentiate your services at listing appointments

To utilize the Short Sale Assistance Desk:

  1. Simply look up the property to make sure it has a first-lien loan owned by Fannie Mae
  2. Have the homeowner sign a Borrower Authorization Form (BAF)
  3. Fill out and submit the online form.

Visit Matrix to complete the steps above.  Direct access to the Fannie Mae Short Sale Assistance Desk is available as an External Link on your Matrix Homepage.  Log in to Matrix at and start saving time on your Fannie Mae short sales!

To learn more about SSAD, visit

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8 responses to “Introducing SSAD: A Streamlined Process for Fannie Mae Short Sales”

  1. Sue dionne-headen says:

    Really a reat resource. Hopefully Fannie mae has some sort of processing center to work these sales

  2. Hamid Sarpand says:

    How do we get more in depth info. about the Short Sale Assistance Desk ? Has anyone done it?

  3. I actually contacted Fannie Mae directly after the Servicer (B of A) of 1st & 2nd had declined a short sale even though the 1st would have been paid in full. We had exhausted all options and had done a valuation dispute with a certified appraisal after B of A utilized a BPO agent that was 100K off on value and didn’t know the area or community. The contacts at Fannie Mae were absolutely wonderful to work with and turned a perilously situation into a success story and even allowed us to pay 6500.00 to a 3rd Lien holder. This is a welcome step to help ensure that legitimate Fannie Mae short sale hold ups and issues can be resolved and more mortgagors and neighborhoods avoid foreclosure.

  4. Karen Donaldson says:

    I have found that Fannie Mae is no different then private Lenders in that it's all in who you get. But at least it gives some people hope that someone is trying.

  5. suzanne Valentin says:

    will hope to use in the future

  6. karen donaldson says:

    It works.

  7. Shannan Prioleau says:

    Do you know if this is a good resource for agents of purchasers considering or making offers on short-sales?

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