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It’s Here! Check Out the New!

August 4, 2011  |  by Anne

The NEW is here! Visit now to see all the great new features including:

  • More ways for consumers to get in contact with you by requesting more information on a listing, or actually scheduling a viewing
  • Traditional (non-map) search as well as map search with improved features like custom drawing tools
  • Consumer email updates for saved searches and listings that include price change, status change, open hours info, new photos and more
  • Mobile version of for “on-the-go” consumers that want to use the “Find Nearby Properties” feature that syncs with their smartphone
  • Points of Interest, Radius searches, Walk Score information and More!

Check out the consumer facing FAQs page to understand more about the specific enhancements consumers will be using in their quest for a dream home, and en route to you as their potential real estate professional!

Remember to get the most out of by updating your contact information and uploading your photo now!


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13 responses to “It’s Here! Check Out the New!”

  1. MRIS_Kerry says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know, some ISPs haven't updated, and still have pointing to the old site. We are checking on this, it seems to vary by Internet provider. Thanks!

  2. Russ says:

    This is great; now tell us what you are doing for your higher priced ActiveAgent Professional customers? When will we see the upgrades?

  3. MRIS_Anne says:

    Hi Russ – We are always looking to improve products based on your business needs. Email about anything you would like to see incorporated into ActiveAgent. The more detailed, for example listing specific features you would like incorporated, the better!

  4. Russ says:

    I just wish all of the new added features you shared today for the homesdatabase site were offered in the ActiveAgent Professional site program. The homesdatabase site does not help my business but instead it is competition to my business. As a paying customer for the higher level ActiveAgent Professional web site system. I wish it represented your best technology. I just feel every new improved featues incorporated in the homesdatabase web site should also be incorporated in the ActiveAgent Professional product. That is what we pay for.

  5. Kathy says:

    Thank you Russ! Agents paid for homesdatabase for many years and built the audience for it and then it was just taken away. Our url's were changed from homesdatabase and the cookies no longer work. Actually the url's were changed several times and/or redirected. My traffic dropped drastically due to these changes. Then no further updates or attention was given to the agent sites. The only reason I have stuck with it is for a IDX solution so that the listings are always up to date. I kept requesting and hoping for some improvement. But Xact sites came out and it's not my solution either. A homesdatabase agent site is what I'm looking for and they have not made that an option. It is really infuriating.

  6. Tatyana says:

    I would like to request update to your Fax to Email feuture! Why not provide attach documents to fax even if it is not your listing….Currently you need to have the listing active to fax documents, but if I do not have listing I can not fax documents to other agent…I think if you add attach document to fax even there is no listing record under your name.

  7. Lili Gibson says:

    I just don't like this new site. I used to use and put all my favorite house listings of different locations in my favorite so that I can check how the prices go and if there are new houses in different locations, but now everything has changed and I just don't use it any more. It is sad, I still miss the old site a lot since it helped me a lot and saved me a lot of time.

  8. MRIS_Kerry says:

    Hi Lili,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'd be glad to talk with you about specifically what you dislike about the new site. You can still save listings, and now you can even save personal notes on listings, assign star ratings to help you rank your favorites, and even get email alerts for price and status changes, or when open houses, photos or virtual tours are added. There is a lot of exciting new functionality in the new site, although we realize that it always takes some time to adjust to changes. But I am glad to hear your suggestions for improvement.


  9. Earl says:

    The new Homesdatabase looks good but it needs the bugs worked out of it. I've been checking back and its slow, the map doesn't work sometimes and just frustrating. Does anyone test out the new site or was it just built and unloaded because it is really frustrating when it doesn't work right

  10. MRIS_Kerry says:

    Hi Earl,
    Thanks for sharing your comments. We did actually do thorough testing with several different browsers. There is an issue with Firefox 5 and Bing maps, which may be what you are seeing. That will be addressed shortly. I would be glad to talk with you about how you think the site could be improved. It's definitely not considered to be finished at this point, we intend to keep enhancing and improving it regularly. Please feel free to contact me: Thanks!

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