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Join The Fast Lane Before New Keystone Arrives

May 2, 2013  |  by Jess

We’re getting closer to the launch of New Keystone which is designed to make it easier and faster to enter new listing data. We are very excited to get this product out to our customers, but to get the most out of these enhancements, we encourage you to make sure your Internet browser is up-to-date.

Find out what browser you’re running (and find links to upgrade if needed) by visiting

If you’re using Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8 and want to continue using these browsers, you can install Google Chrome Frame, a free plugin that boosts the speed of these older versions while preserving the Internet Explorer look and feel. This short cartoon illustrates how Google Chrome Frame and Internet Explorer work together to improve your browser’s performance. Please feel free to share our cartoon with your colleagues and let us know in the comments what browser you’re running!

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3 responses to “Join The Fast Lane Before New Keystone Arrives”

  1. Nancy Fahy says:

    I understand that MRIS feels it is necessary to justify your quarterly fees, but I am not convinced that making constant changes to Keystone is the way to do it. It seems to me that you are often "fixing" something that may not be broken.

  2. Brien says:

    I really like MRIS and think they are very responsive to their members. And, in this tech age, if you are not updating, then you are a dinosaur in no time.

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