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Good News for Keystone Users Who Use the Copy Listing Feature

December 7, 2015  |  by Jess

One of the most frequent customer requests that we receive for Keystone is for listing agents to have the ability to copy photos when copying a listing.

With the next release of Keystone, that request becomes a reality!

If you are copying one of your own listings or a listing that belongs to one of your Agent team members, you’ll also be able to copy over the photos associated with that listing, as well as the Categories, Captions, Descriptions and Main Exterior Photo Designation. Keep in mind that if you are copying an office listing of an agent who is NOT a member of your Agent team in Keystone, you will not be able to copy photos for that listing as you may not have copyright use of those images.


Don’t want to copy the photos?
When reviewing the information to be copied, simply click the X next to the photos and they will not be copied. You will be able to copy photos but delete the categories, captions, descriptions and main exterior photo designation for the photos, if desired.

Note: Copying photos is an all or nothing action. You either can copy all of the photos or none of them. You will not be able to remove specific photos. You can perform that action inside of Media Connect.

This is a huge win for listing agents who want to save time by having the photos and the information associated with those photos copied with the listing!

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16 responses to “Good News for Keystone Users Who Use the Copy Listing Feature”

  1. Tracy Sanders says:

    When will this be available?

  2. Don Guthrie says:

    Will you be able to go back farther in time to copy listings. Its been a while since I have tried it. But, my memory is that is just 2 or 3 years.
    The basics of most properties don't change that much. Can we copy some that are perhaps 6 years or more?

  3. Brenda Dunlap says:

    how do I copy my listing?

  4. Wendy Wolf says:

    Hi, I'm on a team and one of our agents has listed a home as a rental several times. I copied that listing but I didn't get an option to copy the photos (as illustrated above) – just the usual "Lister Will Upload" and "No Photos" ??? It's the same agent, so I thought I'd be able to use/copy those photos (last listing was 2015).

  5. Linda says:

    Hello,, Can I copy photos from a past listing into a new listing of the same property (both where my listings), after the new listing has been submitted into MRIS? If so, how?

  6. Robbi Kimball says:

    Good morning! In October 2015 I had a listing at 11924 Valleywood Drive in Silver Spring 20902. I had completed entering my listing information and photos in Keystone, and was ready to pull the trigger to make the listing live. However, my clients cancelled our agreement on the day of the open house. Now they want to work with me again. How can I access the work that I did at that time? The status was never made "active". Thank you for your advice.

  7. Donna says:

    Can I delete photos after my listings are either sold or expire?

  8. sandy says:

    I am trying to copy a listing from 2 years ago but when I try to pull it up it says it can't find it & will only list my current listings this year when I try to find it by entering my id #. The Advanced Search menu has the option to search by close date grayed out??? Very frustrated and was trying to save time but I've havig to spend more time trying to solve the problem ugghhh. Am I missing somehing?

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