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Keystone Definitions on Demand

June 17, 2014  |  by Diane Ives

DefinitionHere’s a scenario you may have encountered in Keystone:

While entering a listing, you come to the field called Cooling System. This listing has cooling so you click on the dropdown to view the picklist choices. What would you do if you don’t know what some of the choices mean?

Would you:

  • Phone your manager?
  • Ask someone in your office?
  • Text your friend?
  • Take a guess?

While those options are fine, the easiest thing to do is click the Field Label in Keystone and look at the definitions. A window will open with the definitions for that field’s picklist.

Recent changes to Keystone mean that the definition is right where you need it, exactly when you need it. From now on, anytime you ask yourself What does THAT mean?, all you have to do is click on the field label to open a help window with definitions for nearly every field name and almost every Picklist option. Try it the next time you’re in Keystone simply by clicking on a field name label.

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