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Keystone Homepage: Make Sure it ShamROCKS With an Updated Browser!

March 6, 2012  |  by Anne

Make sure the new Keystone Homepage shamROCKS for you! Don’t leave it up to luck, check that your internet browser can support the awesome changes ahead or simply upgrade your browser now to ensure a golden transition.

Show us you’re ready (and specifically what browser version you’re shamROCKING) and enter to win a $300 American Express Gift Card.

How to enter:

  1. Upgrade your Internet Browser or make sure your browser is compatible with the list below. (Click here to check which version you have!)
  2. Tell us which browser version you’re shamROCKING on, @MRIS_REal_News or in the comment section below!  Enter up to three times.
  3. If you are confused, just check out the Official Contest Rules here.
  4. Get excited for the awesome Keystone changes ahead!

Here is a perfect example of how to enter:

Keystone Homepage works with Internet Explorer 8, but like all modern web applications, it’s faster and works better on browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari. The new Keystone Homepage is compatible with the following version (or greater) of internet browsers:



Firefox 5.0 Internet Explorer Chrome 12 Safari in 5.0.2



If you are using an outdated browser, you’ll receive an error message prompting you to download an update browser version.  Don’t leave it up to luck! Find out which browser version you currently use!

Make sure your prepared for the new Keystone Homepage so you can enjoy the following features:

  • View all your listings upon login
  • Make common listing changes, like price adjustments, right from the homepage – no extra clicking!
  • Schedule listings change in advance
  • Schedule NEW listings to hit the MLS in advance
  • One-click access to the tools you use most like Media Connect, Virtual Tours, Document Management and more!
  • See more at a Keystone 100 demonstration online or at an association near you!
Internet Explorer Chrome 12 Safari in 5.0.2

Best of luck!

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164 responses to “Keystone Homepage: Make Sure it ShamROCKS With an Updated Browser!”

  1. Sue Mayhew says:

    I'm shamROCKING IE 8

  2. Sandra Hopkins says:

    I am shamROCKING Internet Explorer 9 and looking forward to the new Keystone page!!!

  3. Tom Hammen says:

    I'm shamROCKING on internet explorer 9. Tom, Aberdeen, MD

  4. keith mcquillen says:

    Expolerer 9

  5. Vicki says:

    I'm shamROCKING Firefox 5.0. Can't wait for the new Keystone Homepage!

  6. I'm ready for a shamrock cocktail using Internet Explorer 8. Good luck to all!

  7. Gail Lataille says:

    I'm shamRocking on Firefox 10.0.2

  8. Andy Alderdice says:

    I am shamROCKING IE8

  9. Tom Campbell says:

    I am shamRocking on Internet Explorer version 9.0

  10. I am shamROCKING IE9

  11. I am also shamROCKING Firefox 5.0

  12. dennishelpshomeowners says:

    I am shamROCKING on Explorer 8.0

  13. Kevin Hagan says:

    I am shamROCKING on Firefox 10.0.2

  14. Lynda Williamson says:

    Internet 9

  15. Lynda Williamson says:

    Explorer 9

  16. Lynda Williamson says:

    I'm Shamrocking on Explorer 9

  17. Karen says:

    I have Explorer 8!

  18. Del Shelton says:

    I'm shamROCKING Google Chrome ver. 17.0.963.78

  19. Dave Wilson says:

    shamRocking Explorer 9

  20. samer naji says:

    I'm shamRocking Firefox 10!

  21. jim says:

    I E – 9

  22. I'm shamROCKING Chrome 17.0.963.79

  23. Hi MRIS, HOW do I see more ONLINE? Thanks.

    "See more at a Keystone 100 demonstration online or at an association near you!"

  24. Sharon Lee says:

    I'm shamROCKING on Firefox

  25. Julia Avent says:

    I shamRocking Explorer 9

  26. Jeff Sutten says:

    Internet Explorer 9

  27. Sheri Daniel says:

    I am on Explorer 9

  28. Patricia Obregon says:

    Shamrocking Firefox 5.0!

  29. Al Flores says:

    Explorer 9 here

  30. Dale Rickenbach says:

    I'm ShamRocking Firefox 11.0

  31. ShamROCKING in Rock Hall on Internet Explorer 8!

  32. Leila says:

    I am shamRocking Chrome 12! It's fast and I'm digging it!

  33. Christine Richardson says:

    I am using Chromium 16.0 under Linux. Will that work with the new Keystone? I hope so!

  34. Brian Ruppel says:

    I'm shamROCKING Firefox

  35. Mark Wilson says:

    I'm shamROCKING on IE 8

  36. Ed Duggan says:

    I'm shamROCKING on internet explorer 9! Can't wait for the new Keystone Homepage

  37. Alberotanza says:

    “I’m shamROCKING Firefox 10.0.2!

  38. Merry Rogers says:

    IE 9

  39. Pat Evers says:

    I am shamRocking on Safari 5.1.4, and Firefox 11.0

  40. Rob says:

    Safari 5.0.2

  41. Robyn Burdett says:

    I am shamRocking with Firefox 10.0.2!

  42. David Moore says:

    I am ShamRocking on Chrome 17.

  43. Hillary Nash says:

    I am ShamRocking CHROME BABY!!!! And I'm Irish, so kissssssss me!!!

  44. Jeannie Pohlhaus says:

    I'm shamRocking on Internet Explorer 8

  45. ShamROCKING Chrome 12. I really hope I win something because I just dropped my iphone in a cup of coffee.

  46. Mindy says:

    ShamROCKIN' Internet Explorer 9

  47. Marcie Flournoy says:


  48. Richard Golson says:


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