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Keystone Product Manager Tim Campbell Describes The Exciting Changes Ahead

February 6, 2012  |  by Tim

You know what I love? You guys! There is not another MLS in the country that has customers who are willing to share their knowledge for the good of all, and we truly thank you for that!

I’m the Product Manager for Keystone and I’m glad to report that most of your comments from the Keystone: A New Year Ahead article are already being addressed (plus a LOT more!). Compliance issues will be brought to your attention at login and every time you see the listing. Our goal isn’t to stop you from doing business, it’s to get you to address the problem as quickly and easily as possible so that buyers can make informed decisions.

We have also reviewed all 4000+ descriptors to determine which fields (like ADC Map Coordinates) can be removed and which new fields need to be added to help you accurately describe and market your listing. We reordered many of the fields so you can find them without having to look on every page helping to create a more efficiently listing input experience.

The one item I am most excited about is the ability to schedule your changes! Customers were staying up late to enter their new listings on a Thursday evening so it would show up on auto emails on Friday morning (prompting buyers to visit the listing on Saturday). The ability to schedule changes means you don’t need to stay up late! Enter the listing when you have time and schedule it to be submitted to the MLS when it fits your business plan. Change the list price and the remarks at your convenience and have it automatically submitted to the MLS on the date you and your seller have agreed to. We even send you a reminder email up to 3 nights before the scheduled change.

Though everything I have mentioned here is still in development, I wanted to share with you our clear vision for Keystone in 2012.  Since so much will be changing, we are taking a phased launch approach.   Stay tuned for more information in the weeks to come!



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4 responses to “Keystone Product Manager Tim Campbell Describes The Exciting Changes Ahead”

  1. Ritu says:

    I love the new upcoming changes…especially as the spring market rolls out we will be listings a lot of homes in the market and ability to preenter the listing and go active on the desired day is a great convenience.

    Thank You!11

  2. […] so make sure you sign up today.  For more information about the changes to Keystone, check out this blog from our Keystone Product Manager, Tim […]

  3. Can you do a YouTube video rather than have agents go to a demo class? Would save a lot of time and $4/gal gas…

  4. John Heithaus says:

    Right on Carmen! That's why we created MRIS TV and there will be many instructional videos on the new Keystone so you can work from wherever/whenever to learn using your laptop and ipad.

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