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Keystone Refresher: Year Built

September 6, 2011  |  by Anne

You know that year built is a required field in Keystone, but do you know why?

In 1978, the EPA banned the use of lead paint in housing because of the adverse effect of lead on the health of children and pregnant women and adults. Contractors are vulnerable when a property is being renovated, and properties constructed before 1978 are require to have a lead paint disclosure indicating the known or unknown existence of lead paint.  Knowing the year built of a house can help avoid any potential negative medical or legal issues with your clients.

The MRIS tax records include year built if it is available from the tax records.  If the information is not available from the tax records, the licensee should contact their local or state association for more information of what to do if they do not have year built.

Guessing year built, is highly discouraged.  Help maintain the data integrity of the MLS by finding out the correct year built for all your listings!

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One response to “Keystone Refresher: Year Built”

  1. Also listing if a property built between 1949 and 1978 on rental property
    would be valuable info and if owner registered or opted out of the Md
    Lead program. Thanks Craig

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