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Keystone Tip of the Day: Adding Open Houses

October 23, 2012  |  by Justin

Continuing with this week’s New Keystone Homepage daily tip series, we answer the question:

How do I add open houses in the new Keystone?

The new Keystone Homepage makes it even easier to schedule open houses for your listings. In fact, you can now schedule all your open houses before your initial submission to the MLS!

Once you are finished keying in your listing:

  1. Save the listing at its current state
  2. Click the My Listings link on the upper-right of your screen to return to the Homepage
  3. Click the Open House quick-access activity icon for that listing
  4. Click the Add Open House button
  5. Enter the necessary information as always
  6. Click the Save button
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 as needed
  8. Submit the listing

Note: You will only be able to assign alternate agents as open-house contacts if they are under your same broker office. If needed, you will still find an Open House text link among the list of Keystone screens on the far left when you are editing your full listing after submission.

Check back tomorrow for Wednesday’s Tip of the Day!

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