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Keystone Tip of the Day: The One-Hour Timer

October 26, 2012  |  by Justin

We hope you’ve been enjoying Keystone Tip Week. We have another great question to answer for this week’s final daily tip. MRIS customers want to know:

What is the 1 hour countdown timer on the new Keystone Homepage?

When you make any changes to an existing listing, you’ll notice your listing now has a 1-hour timer (indicated in red). You may make as many additional changes to your listing as needed following the same process, and the timer will reset to 1 hour with each saved change.

After you’ve made all your necessary changes, you need to resubmit your listing to the MLS before the 1-hour timer countdown is complete or your saved changes will be discarded. To submit your saved changes immediately, select Submit Now from the Manage Listing drop-down menu.

Again, we hope you’ve found these Keystone Homepage tips helpful. If you want to learn more about Keystone, or other MRIS Products and Services, sign up for one of our Training Classes at MRIS-U or view videos and resources at

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