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Keystone Tip of the Day: Uploading Documents to Listings

October 24, 2012  |  by Justin

Welcome to day 3 of New Keystone Homepage tips series! Today’s daily tip provides the answer to this burning question:

How do I upload documents to my listing in the new Keystone?

The process of uploading documents to your listing in the new Keystone is still done via Document Manager. But now it is even easier to access Document Manager from the Keystone Homepage:

  1. Click the Documents activity icon on the right side of your desired listing
  2. From the Select an Action drop-down menu, select your upload method:
    1. Upload via Browser (for electronic documents)
    2. Upload via Fax (for hardcopy documents)
    3. Via email (using the email address at the top of your listing inside Document Manager).

If you would like your document(s) viewable by all MRIS users through Matrix, be sure to switch the document security over to Public when doing so. This feature is not only convenient, but also tells listing agents who have been viewing/downloading their documents, but only if people are actually uploading them!

Tune in tomorrow for another great Keystone Tip of the Day!

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6 responses to “Keystone Tip of the Day: Uploading Documents to Listings”

  1. Treena Rinaldi says:

    When I tap the Document button, nothing happens. Do I need to update some program in my computer? Recently I had to update Quick Time in order to upload photos, is this a similar problem.

  2. cara says:

    The document icon is only gray and I am unable to click on it in order to upload. I've turned off pop-up blocker and called support but they couldn't help

  3. Luciana Cotan says:

    I am not able to upload documents for my new listing. When I click on "documents" I get no drop down menu, nothing happens.

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