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Learn How to Sign, Seal and Deliver Signatures Electronically with Authentisign!

October 28, 2011  |  by Dessie

You’ve heard a lot about the newest e-signature product form MRIS, Authentisign.  Now is your chance to watch a step-by-step demonstration on how it works. 

Join us for a webinar on Tuesday, November 1st at 1:30 pm for an in-depth look at this new product.

(Click the button, select the class name, An Introduction to Authentisign and  choose the enroll icon in the upper right corner of the window)  

You will see how easy it is to use and with our reduced price, how much money you will save.  Benefits of Authentisign include:

  • Reduces travel time getting documents signed
  • Platform agnostic, works with PCs, MACs and Smartphones   
  • Available for multiple file types (PDFs, Doc, etc.)
  • Simple user interface and automated workflow

 To learn more or purchase Authentisign, visit

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2 responses to “Learn How to Sign, Seal and Deliver Signatures Electronically with Authentisign!”

  1. joanne lambert says:

    If the class is online why is there a waiting list to enroll for the authentisign training?

  2. mariestill says:

    Hi Joanne, even though it is online, there is still a limited amount of virtual "seats" available, due to the high popularity we will be getting another one scheduled asap. If you are on the wait list you will be alerted when the new class opens up.____We want to ensure that everyone who wants to attend one of these has the chance, so we will keep adding classes as needed.____

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