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Lessons Learned in 2011: Make Sure Your Phone Number is Visible to Capture More Leads

December 28, 2011  |  by Anne

RE Technology just came out with a great series of tips to make 2012 a success called Lessons Learned in 2011, and I wanted to take an MRIS spin on one of the lessons in particular!

RE Technology said…

Make Sure Your Phone Number is on Your Website
Lead capture forms can be great – they gather all the information you want about a potential customer. But what about that customer? An online form is not necessarily going to be their first choice. Many of them would much rather speak to a real person. That’s why it’s so important to include a phone number on your website.

So more than just having your phone number on your website, make sure your phone number is also added to the My Account” section of  Adding your contact information in the “My Account” section is simple and will ensure consumers searching on can contact you. Here’s a snapshot of what your contact information looks like on if you don’t have your contact information uploaded:











Make it easy for potential customers to find you! Replace those zeros in the phone number field with your real contact information on Watch this video to learn how to quickly update your contact information.


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