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Let’s Keep the Communication Going

February 6, 2013  |  by Jess

As you have seen in the last 24 hours, MRIS listens and responds to our customers’ feedback, and we hope you understand how important your opinions and business are to us.

We appreciate your candor and the time you took to let us know how you felt, and we would like to see more of this interaction with you going forward. As an MRIS customer, you should feel like you’re working with an organization that hears and values your input.

For customers who have expressed interest in participating in focus groups and/or beta testing new products or enhancements, we encourage you to submit your contact information via email to and enter Focus Group/Beta Tester in the subject line.

Please keep communicating with us via, and join us and participate on our social media channels by following us on Twitter or on our Facebook page.

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14 responses to “Let’s Keep the Communication Going”

  1. Sara Rubida says:

    It is good that MRIS hears what its customers say, although in the case of ShowingAssist, it would have been better to hear us out before enacting that mess. Maybe more Beta testing or focus groups or something?

  2. Rick Reed says:

    It would be nice to know why you pulled the plug on showing assist and what the main complaints were. I spent the time to take the webinar, learn the system, and set up my account.

  3. Terry Orie says:

    I'm with Rick. I didn't think it was a mess. It might not have been perfect, but we weren't going to know what to improve until it got some real use. The one thing I wasn't to keen on was not being able to see easily which properties were vacant, but that wasn't a show stopper. It gave is the ability to protect our sellers contact information and have our sellers directly notified via text of upcoming showings among other things.

  4. Bobbi M says:

    With most people using CSS or other showing services, the Showing Assist seemed like a duplication of work. CSS is wonderful & very easy to use. For those that don't use a showing service maybe you could make it an option for them.

  5. I think the biggest flaw of the rollout was the total elimination of all showing information. I think this functionality would be perfectly fine as an "optional" feature when you set up the listing. I wouldn't mind giving it a try for a listing or two to see if it is superior and/or easier than CSS. But make it an optional feature and still list the showing information. I liked it for the couple listings I set up the one day it was available.

  6. Dale Rickenbach says:

    The biggest problem that you had was that you were trying to solve a problem that may not have existed for most of us, so let's be truthful, was this an effort to help agents or sell users another product? I did watch the video but I believe that many agents did not. I thought, like many others, that Showing Assist was just another product that MRIS was trying to use their captive audience to sell to. I use CSS and am quite happy with it. If it aint broke, don't fix it, and if you can't compete with excellent service at a reasonable price, don't try an "end around" approach to force agents to use another system. In addition to Focus Groups, how about a little transparency before the next rollout of another "agent benefit".

  7. Joan Cromwell says:

    ShowAssist did not have enough options for communication—it was email or text. Some people want a phone call. And I agree with the other posters who said a) Nice that you heard us and pulled it but why didn't you do more outreach before. The show assist feature did not demonstrate that you actually understand what we do out here on the street. b) You tried to solve a problem that did not exist—or at least you completely revamped a system that only needed a tweak.

  8. D M says:

    As others here have said, this was solution in search of a problem. Unfortunately, this is but one in a long line of "improvements" over the past few years that in the end amount to 1 step forward and 2 steps backward. Pardon my negativity, but I have expressed my frustration to having such "improvements" foisted on MRIS customers out of the blue and without warning but have yet to receive a response beyond the perfunctory "we don't know why the change was made but we can't do anything about it now." Needless to say, I was actually shocked to see MRIS withdraw this current annoyance and even more so that it was withdrawn so quickly. Maybe there is hope after all that someone is finally listening. Then there's the upsale issue for tools that should ALREADY be included in the base price we pay……… Makes one truly wish there was some competition for MRIS' monopoly.

  9. Beate Whitesell says:

    Thanks for everyone who is pointing out the same things I complained about. MRIS does not understand what it is we do as realtors. Yes, please make Showing Assist an option but not a requirement. A listing must show the occupant's contact information. It cannot just disappear. Email and text cannot ever be the only way to reach out to a showing contact. The showing contact must be on the listing and had disappeared completely. Many of us still occassionally print out a listing and therefore must see the showing contact's phone number. We cannot all schedule showings via the web. Many of us choose not to work with smart phones and still prefer verbal communication because it is more clear and more professional. As a property manager I can have 10 listings active at one time. What a nightmare to receive fifty emails from agents wanting to show my listings instead of them calling my tenants directly. Common sense folks! Don't automate our profession, please!

  10. Patrick F. says:

    The comments before mine regarding Showing Assist hit the nail on the head. It often feels that you folks at MRIS do not realize who is working for whom (hint: you work for us). MRIS needs to understand the needs of it's customers – Realtors. This big mess that you caused and thankfully cleaned up should never have happened. To begin with, whose idea was this? I tend to believe as others, that you are trying to sell us yet another program we don't want or need. Secondly – why would you give us 2 days notice and then activate the change before anyone had time to take the tutorial? It really make us wonder…who is running that company?? Finally – please stop sending us constant emails. I think once a month (OR LESS) is more than enough – we are very busy trying to maintain our businesses and do not have time to read your weekly emails in additions to dozens of others that come from NAR, NVAR, VAR, Sentrilock, etc.

  11. Darlene Mickey says:

    I want to add my voice to others who found Showing Assist to be a big shock – and contrary to the method I use to schedule showings for my buyers. I did review the information & watched both TV tutorials for listing & selling agents. 15 minute appointments are not enough, especially when I am planning multiple showings in a day. I usually give a 60 minute window as the buyer may take more or less time to view a property, they may want to change the order planned, they may be late, want to add a property or skip a property, etc. etc. Sometimes I plan a tour & one showing needs to be "by appointment". Then the contact finally calls back & needs a different time than I had planned so everything needs to change. I may plan in lunch time and the buyers want to stop earlier – or later. We need to be able to remain flexible.

  12. Guest says:

    The current system is very time consuming and this was a great solution. I like to work as efficiently as possible and I don't think making and receiving dozens of showing phone calls is a good use of my time or yours. I have many other more important things to do. Granted, there are a few kinks to be worked out, but this is progress. Please bring this system back.

  13. Trish says:

    On another note, could the MLS maps section, please include the TIME. This will definitely help in scheduling appointments if we know how long the drive is between each appointment. THANK YOU!

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