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ListHub Goes Global

July 25, 2013  |  by Celeste

ListHub recently launched a new service, ListHub Global. The vision for ListHub Global is to present our network of content owners with a collection of International marketing opportunities that meet ListHub’s standards for best practices and broker-friendly methods. Only partners who sign agreements to meet ListHub’ data protection standards may participate in ListHub Global.

Brokers will have the option to sign up to advertise their listings on a broad array of websites operated outside the US and gain the opportunity to attract the growing segment of International buyers to their listings.

The first ListHub Global partner is EdenHome, a network of over 20 publisher websites primarily across Europe. EdenHome is a Swiss company based in Lausanne. The team of engineers of beezBEEZ created the original technology of the EdenHome engine which enables property portals to exchange properties in real time and they also created the translation engine. EdenHome has 30 partners, 23 of which have signed agreements to meet ListHub’s data protection practices and participate in ListHub Global.

We are actively pursuing additional partners for ListHub Global and we are excited about bringing “the world” to our network of brokers and agents!

Why is an International Option Important?

According to the NAR 2013 Profile of International Buying:

  • 6% of the US real estate market is composed of buyers outside of the US.
  • International home sales in the U.S. reached their second highest level in recent years
  • Beyond Luxury: More than 50% of International property sales under $250,000

How Does ListHub Global ensure that listing data will remain accurate and protected?

Companies currently syndicating listings directly to International portals are doing so without proper data protections in place. ListHub requires that sites participating in ListHub Global meet ListHub’s standard publisher terms, so that the data is always protected and MLS-accurate, and the broker retains ownership of the intellectual property of their listing data.

International consumer traffic metrics will be available on the ListHub Reports to provide transparency and valuable data in order to measure online marketing. Brokers who have signed up for ListHub reports and sign up for ListHub Global will be able to see the traffic and leads they receive from ListHub Global.
Brokers who sign up for ListHub Global, but do not sign up for ListHub reports will receive leads from ListHub Global.

Signing up for ListHub Global

ListHub Global is a separate service from the ListHub reports. Brokers can sign up for the ListHub Global service even if they have not signed up for ListHub reports. ListHub Global pricing is based on agent count, similar to the ListHub reports pricing. For a limited time ListHub is offering special introductory pricing until November 10, 2013. This introductory discount will only apply to the first year of service.

To sign up or learn more about ListHub Global, brokers should contact Amber Goodwin, ListHub regional account manager, at 877-847-3394 ext. 746.

Editor’s Note: This guest post was written by Celeste Starchild, VP, Sales and Marketing of ListHub. ListHub is the industry’s leading agent/broker syndication tool for managing the complexities of marketing your listings online. ListHub’s syndication marketing service is available to all MRIS customers for free. Learn more about ListHub on or at

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