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Man Holds Two Florida Real Estate Agents At Gunpoint During Two Separate Showings Less Than An Hour Apart

June 15, 2015  |  by Ellen

ABC News Videos | ABC Entertainment News

Here’s another cautionary tale for real estate agents out of St. Petersburg, Florida. A man pretending to be a buyer for a home made an appointment to see it with a real estate agent but upon entering the property he pulled out a gun, tied the agent’s hands together with zip ties, put on gloves, and called the agent’s husband demanding $50,000 ransom. As you can see in the interview with the agent and her husband in the above video, the husband refused to give in to his demands and the fake buyer left the house.

Less than an hour later the same individual was at another pretend showing where he held that agent at gunpoint, robbed her of her belongings, and then left the premises. Neither agent was physically injured, but the man—who had been using the fake name Robert Evans—called other agents in the area and tried to set up showing appointments with them, according to police. Some reports suggest that the suspect told the agents he was in the area and needed to see the property that day, which was a way for him to increase the chances the agents showed up alone since there wasn’t much time to arrange bringing someone with them. Police released a video of the assailant and his car thanks to security footage, which led to a tipster alerting authorities to the suspect’s whereabouts, which led to his arrest yesterday.

As with every safety story we post, we always link to the prior resources we have written about. Here’s a link to safety tips from our readers and here’s a link to the free Homesnap App which comes with a free Safety Timer. Also, InmanNews is running a series of articles about staying safe from predators. Here is the first installment, with more to come soon. We’ll link to the subsequent ones as they appear.

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