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Upcoming Changes to the Matrix Button Bar

January 16, 2014  |  by Jess

In the upcoming release of Matrix, the Matrix Button Bar will consolidate all search functionality into a central location underneath both the map displayed on the Map tab and the list of results displayed on the Results tab. The Matrix Button Bar will be broken out into 4 tabs organized by category.

The first tab is Actions, which contains buttons to perform some of the actions geared towards using the search results from Matrix searches.

These buttons include:

  • Criteria – Revise your search with the criteria button
  • Email – Email the listings you have selected
  • Print – Print your listing reports
  • CMA – Create a new CMA
  • Directions – Access Driving Directions without having to be on the map tab
  • Stats – Receive basic statistics on the listing selected
  • Export – Export your listing information

Actions Tab

The second tab is Refine, which gives you access to buttons that help refine your search results.

With these buttons you can:

  • View As – Select the View As functionality to view listings as a contact
  • Keep – Choose to keep selected listings
  • Drop – Choose to drop selected listings
  • Sort – Choose to sort the selected listings
  • Search selected for – Search selected listings for specific information

 Click here to view larger.

The third tab is Save, which gives you access to buttons that will create the following:

  • New Saved Search – Save searches that you use most so you can quickly access them whenever you need.
  • New Auto Email – Save a new Auto Email to see what properties they’ve viewed and have marked as Favorites or Possibilities.
  • New Speed Bar Shortcut – Speed bar shortcuts allow you to save searches that can be accessed on any page in Matrix. Click here to learn more about the Speed Bar.

Save Tab

The final tab is Carts. From this tab you can store specific listings and ensure you haven’t already sent them to your client:

  • Add to Cart – Add selected listings to existing cart
  • View – View all the listings in a selected cart (choose your cart from the drop down menu).

Carts Tab

Watch the video tutorial below to see these new tabs in action, and click here for a printable PDF of the upcoming changes to Matrix, which includes a page devoted to the new Matrix Button Bar layout.

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3 responses to “Upcoming Changes to the Matrix Button Bar”

  1. Len Bernhardt says:

    How about a much simpler settlement express.

  2. Bayo Oshinnaiye says:

    I will like a much more simpler settlement express. We can quickly find out necessary cost for our clients.

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