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Matrix Changes Scheduled for Next Monday (9/8)

September 4, 2014  |  by Diane Ives

Matrix changes are scheduled for next Monday night, September 8. In order to make these changes, Matrix will be offline from 10pm Monday night (9/8) until 6am Tuesday morning (9/9). You won’t be able to log into Matrix during this time, but you can still search listings using either Homesnap Pro or

Don’t get caught off guard. Take a moment to reacquaint yourself with the new features.

Click to Download the Matrix Reference GuideThe key pieces that are changing with this release are:

Navigation – The way you’ll move around the screen. Tabs will allow you to hover and click on drop down menus. That will save a couple of clicks and faster navigation to get where you want to be. On the search screen, three Tabs found in the top right explain where you are in the Matrix search process.

Map – Click the Map Tab to see PushPins for listings that match the criteria. Draw a radius, rectangle or polygon, and add layers such as parcels and school boundaries. Icons are found at the top right of the map. The map drawing can be reshaped if it isn’t exactly what you want.

Results – Click the Results Button or Results Tab to view search results.

Printing Reports – HTML and PDF reports will be available for printing. Click the PDF Tab to access familiar report styles. HTML reports offer an ink saving option and the ability to print the search criteria.

Button Bar– The Matrix Button Bar has been split into four separate categories organized by function:

  • Actions – The Actions button covers some of the most often taken actions such as Criteria (formerly “Revise”), Email, Print, CMA, Directions, Stats and Export. 
  • Refine – Use the Refine button to keep, drop, sort, or “view as”.
  • Save – Use the Save button to save the criteria as a new saved search, auto-email or speed bar shortcut.
  • Carts – Use the Carts button to add listings to a cart.

CMA Customization – Changes to Matrix will provide the ability to upload custom pages to the CMA. Examples: upload an “agent resume,” Smart Charts Zip code report, and Testimonials. A new Map page will certainly enhance the presentation.

Remember, there’s still time to take our Matrix Express self-guided tutorial! Click here to launch Matrix Express and experience the changes to Matrix navigation and workflow for yourself.

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6 responses to “Matrix Changes Scheduled for Next Monday (9/8)”

  1. carolhowell says:

    Just exactly why are we doing this. It sounds like another dumb beginning What is wrong with the word revise. and where is the space for us to put in items we want rather than just your drop downs that are often short of what we need. A spot us in drop down would be nice.

    What is wrong with the word keep; refine is silly. Give me a brace–more wasted time

    Why do I want a carrt? I want be able to keep, revise or just plain print without 99 different steps

  2. Don Truett says:

    OK ready to test drive the new MRIS.

  3. MRIS_Diane says:

    Great Don, it will be here before we know it. Thanks for your readiness. Diane

  4. betsy says:

    Why can't we have more selections for photo labels. For example, a large number of homes have "rec rooms," but there is no label for a rec room.

  5. MRIS_Diane says:

    Hi Betsy,
    I'm so glad you asked about photo labels. Once you choose a category for your photo, erase the Caption and write your own. That way you can have as many different names as you want. This is a great way to promote the photos.
    Yours, Diane

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