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Matrix Monday Tip: Coming Soon, Multiple Carts!

April 18, 2011  |  by Anne

Launching in just a few short weeks, each of your contacts will have their own cart!  Multiple Carts mean more control, and more decision making on the fly!  Find a listing that you think your clients will love and simply drop it in their cart and keep on searching; decide later if you should email it right away or wait for a price drop.

From any search, you will be able to assign one or more listings to any of your contacts.  Assign the same listing to multiple contacts – it’s all up to you with the freedom on multiple carts!

Note that only clients registered under “My Contacts” with a first and last name, and email address, will be able to have a cart.  Stay tuned for more Matrix enhancements to come!

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One response to “Matrix Monday Tip: Coming Soon, Multiple Carts!”

  1. Mike Cassell says:

    Why can't you have as many carts as you want and name them what you want, without having to have the contact listed in your contacts. it seems to not make sense.

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