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Matrix Monday Tip: From “ASAP” to daily, weekly or monthly, set up Auto Emails that work for your client’s schedule!

February 28, 2011  |  by Anne

From emails to call backs, timing is a crucial aspect to your job.  When it comes to Auto Emails, the same concept applies.   You have to gauge how often your clients want to receive Auto Emails, and then set them up on a schedule that meets their needs.  For those “just starting the process” kind of clients, a monthly auto email would do the trick.  For clients that are looking to move immediately, I would say that “ASAP” is a safe bet.  But, as a great standard “go-to”, you can always select once or twice a week.

What is really neat, and completely customizable by you, is the ability to select which day and which time of day (AM or PM) that Auto Emails will be sent! You can have clients receive Auto Emails on Tuesday mornings and then again on Thursday evenings– there are so many possible combinations!

To create a new auto email, run a search that has less than 250 listings and save as New Auto Email. Save the auto email to a contact, decided on a subject line and message.  Choose a schedule, including day(s) of the week and time(s),  that will work best for your clients!

Here are some great choices for setting up your Auto Emails!

  • ASAP means listings will be sent as soon as possible
  • Daily emails can be sent in the AM or PM
  • Weekly emails (once a week or more) can be selected with the check marks – These are perfect for customizing Monday AM emails and Thursday PM emails!
  • Monthly emails are sent on the first of the monthly at midnight.

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