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Matrix Monday tip: Rectangle, Radius, and Polygon, Oh My!

February 7, 2011  |  by Anne

Have you met Rectangle, Radius, or Polygon? These three shapes could be your new best friend in using Matrix Mapping.  Pick your shape and draw!  Watch your search criteria expand or shrink while you remain in total control.

Create a radius around any location or a half mile radius around several Metro Train Stops, even outline streets and neighborhoods or gyms and grocery stores.  So many possibilities with maps!  Even exclude certain areas!

To draw a map, click the Map Search icon (lower left side of search screen), find the area you wish to search in, click the rectangle, radius or polygon link, move the cursor over to the map and click to begin. For rectangle and radius use a press and drag technique. To draw a polygon, click where you want to begin then release your cursor. Move the mouse. To change direction, click, release and move the mouse. To stop the polygon, return to the red starting point and click.

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