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Matrix Monday Tip: Save auto emails to new contacts!

January 31, 2011  |  by Anne

Matrix Monday Tip:  Add multiple people to the same auto email with a few clicks!  You have one auto email up and running and you had the thought that one of your other clients might be interested as well.  Have to start all over?  Not at all!

Simply follow the steps below to have the same auto email be sent to a different client.

  1.  Go into your Auto Email list and click on the “Subject title” of your auto email so that the drop down tool bar appears.
  2. Select “Full Search” from the drop down

     3. Once viewing all the saved criteria, click on the “Save As” button from the floating toolbar, and select the option to “Save as new auto email”

    4.  Now you will be prompted to assign a contact to the auto email, so choose from your drop down menu.  You will also need to fill out the subject line and enable the auto email.

    5.  You’re all set!  Your auto email status should be yellow, meaning “awaiting activation.”  Once your client opens the auto email, the status will read as “active.”

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