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Matrix Monday Tip: Using Customer Carts

May 9, 2011  |  by Dessie

Customer Cart provides a unique cart for each of an agent’s contacts. There is one cart per contact and each cart has a maximum of 100 listings.

To access a customer’s cart, perform the desired search then click the cart option located at the bottom right of the screen below search results. This will open a dropdown window. If the agent has 5 or less contacts all contacts will be displayed.  If there are more than 5 contacts the contacts used in the last 90 days will be displayed.  Clicking the “more” option in the dropdown will display all contacts in alphabetical order.

Select the contact or property type to wish to add to. Select the listings you want added and click the  “Add” button.

The system will notify the agent with a message in the upper right of screen above the search results of how many listings were added to the cart and if any of the select listings were already in the cart.

The Customer Cart can be accessed on the homepage or under Contacts in the My Matrix tab. Select the desired contact. You may access the contacts cart by clicking the “Open Cart” option or the cart icon which displays the number of listings in the cart

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