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Matrix Monday Tip: Where to find and adjust your Speedbar shortcuts!

February 21, 2011  |  by Anne

You have made a couple Speedbar shortcuts and love that you can adjust searches on the fly and with ease! But maybe you now want to adjust a particular shortcut, and you want to know where to go to see your full list of SpeedBar shortcuts.

To view your full list of shortcuts, go to “Settings” under “My Matrix” and select “Speedbar Shortcuts.”  From here, you can modify the search criteria by clicking on the speedbar name.

This display is great, showing you the shortcut name and the current search criteria at a glance so you can see which shortcuts you would like to change.  Remember, to create a new Speedbar shortcut, run a regular search and from the floating toolbar select “Save As.”  Then choose the option to save as “New Speedbar Shortcut.”

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