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Matrix Survey Results and What We’ve Heard

March 28, 2014  |  by Jess

CMA Pie ChartThanks to everyone who has filled out our Matrix Updates survey. As of today, 95% of respondents have indicated that they are aware of the upcoming changes, but individual levels of comfort vary.

The change that respondents find most challenging? Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Customization. If you’ve used the CMA tool within Matrix, the “change” to this tool is more of an enhancement. Nothing has changed about the way to perform a CMA in Matrix; however, you do have a new way to customize your CMAs with up to 5 custom pages of your own choosing. This supplemental information is a great way to add a little something extra to your CMAs.

Here are links to our previous blog posts on the subject of CMA customization:

If you’re more of an audio/visual learner, or someone who wants to watch the new Matrix updates in action, you can get a sneak peek by watching these MRIS-U tutorials and classes on demand on mrisTV:

  • Matrix Navigation and Workflow Changes Overview (Running Time: Over 5 Minutes). This Matrix Updates overview video is narrated by the product manager for Matrix and covers each of the changes.
  • Matrix Search By Map video (Running time: Just under 2 ½ minutes). This video has been updated to reflect the upcoming changes within Matrix Search by Map functionality.
  • Matrix Button Bar (Running Time: Just over 1 ½ minutes). The Matrix Button Bar video covers the new button categories and which functions are included: Actions, Refine, Save and Carts. !
  • Matrix Reports (Running Time: Under 2 minutes). Learn how to print PDF or HTML reports in Matrix. Customize your reports and preview, print, or email reports to your clients.
  • Matrix CMA Reports (Running Time: Just over 4 ½ minutes). This title is an overview of how to create CMAs using Matrix, and it has recently been updated to reflect the upcoming changes.
  • MRIS 301: What’s New and What’s Coming (Running Time: 1 ½ hours). Not everyone has 1 ½ hours to watch the whole class, but if you want to see the section on Matrix, skip ahead approximately 36 minutes.

We hope you find these links useful. Don’t forget to download the Matrix Navigation and Workflow Changes PDF if you want a quick reference guide. To download that PDF, please click here.

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One response to “Matrix Survey Results and What We’ve Heard”

  1. Eva-Maria von bronk says:

    As I mentioned before, it would be helpful if MRIS would work with "active and busy" real estate agents before makeing any changes. Time is money and I don't think MRIS is aware that we don't get a salary and no, it's not "fun" to watch these videos. That's something peoples who have a job where they get paid an hourly rate might "enjoy". SIMPLE IS BETTER.We don't need "more" features! We need "less" so that we have more time to spend time with peoples and discuss THEIR needs!

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