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Matrix Update Awareness: Reports and CMA Customization

March 26, 2014  |  by Tera

We all know how important reports and Comparative Market Analyses (CMAs) are when you’re helping a client find a home. Changes in the upcoming Matrix release will give you some enhanced features that allow greater flexibility when you’re printing Matrix reports or creating CMAs.

HTML and PDF Reports

With the new release of Matrix, you will see an option to print HTML reports in addition to the standard PDF reports. While no changes have been made to the PDF reports, you will find some benefits in printing HTML reports.

When printing HTML reports, you will be able to customize your selected report(s) by adding the header you created in the Settings section of My Matrix, and also print your search criteria on your selected report(s). You will also find that HTML reports are faster to print when compared to PDF reports and can even be printed using the “Ink Saver” setting to save ink by excluding images.


CMA Customization

Soon you will have the ability to add supplemental information to the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) reports you generate from Matrix.

Whether you want to upload your agent resume or one of the RBI Statistics pages to enhance your CMA in Matrix, you’ll be able to customize your CMA by adding up to five pages of your choosing. There’s also a new Map display that will show the subject property in relation to its Comparable listings.


Want to learn more about these new features? Take a few minutes to watch the short video tutorials on how to use HTML and PDF Reports or CMA Customization in the new Matrix.

How comfortable you are with the Matrix updates? Take our short survey to let us know.


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One response to “Matrix Update Awareness: Reports and CMA Customization”

  1. Clarence L. Kyle says:

    Love the Map of Comparable Listings and being able to add custom pages.

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