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Matrix Update Awareness: Saving Time with Navigation and Maps

March 25, 2014  |  by Tera

Of the changes coming to Matrix, the most noticeable changes involve how you search and navigate. Where the old workflow required you to complete separate searches if you wanted to view maps or revise your search, the new workflow lets you easily toggle between search, results and mapping.

These changes will take some getting used to, but will ultimately help you save time. Here are three time-saving changes you will see in the new Matrix:

1. New Navigation Tabs

The “Search” and “Revise” buttons have been replaced with three tabs at the top right of each screen. These tabs allow you to quickly move among Criteria (formerly “Revise”), Map (formerly “Map Search”) and Results (formerly “Search”). The search Results button is also found below the search criteria.

Navigation Tabs

2. Advanced Searching with Maps

Searching for properties within Matrix Maps is now easier than ever. You can draw a radius, rectangle or polygon, add layers such as parcels and school boundaries and re-center the map right from the new icons on the map. These map shapes can be moved around until you get the number of properties you want, without having to delete a shape and/or start over.


3. Count on the Fly: Results in Real Time

Another time-saving change being introduced is “count on the fly”. When you enter criteria into your search, through either search criteria or by drawing map shapes, Matrix will show a count of your results before hitting the “results” tab. It also helps you understand what part of the criteria is narrowing your results.

The best way to prepare for these changes is seeing them in action. Watch the Matrix Navigation and Workflow Changes video or the updated the Matrix Search by Maps video tutorial for a preview.

You can also take a virtual training course on demand or with a live instructor. Learn more about these coming changes as well as the latest MRIS products recently released when you attend MRIS 301: What’s New and What’s Changing. The live class will be held April 2nd, or watch On Demand when it’s convenient for you.

How comfortable you are with the Matrix updates? Take our short survey to let us know.


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