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Media Connect and the End of the 157 Scene Code Picklist!

April 22, 2011  |  by Tim

One of the goals for the new Media Connect product was the elimination of the scene code picklist. The scene codes grew to almost 160 possible options to describe the photo and we were still receiving suggested new scene codes every week.  Despite so many options, many of the scene codes did a poor job of adequately describing the photograph. You might have selected between Master Bedroom One and Master Bedroom Two. But did this mean there were two photographs of the same Master Bedroom or two Master Bedrooms?

Knowing the above question is 100% valid, MRIS set out to create a product that allows you to add free-form text to  describe the photo; no more scene codes means significantly less confusion. The problem is that the picklist scene codes allowed something that will not be possible with free-form text scene codes … consistency. To bridge this gap, photos will be tagged with a category, where you only have to pick from 15 possible choices, not 157.  The category selection will allow photo comparisons in Matrix and on, for example agents, appraisers, and consumers can now quickly review listings and make choices based solely on photographs.  They will see at a glance that a Kitchen in one house is vastly different to a Kitchen in another house even though they both fall under the same search criteria for location and price.  Just imagine how your clients will love this  new feature!

New displays in Matrix will present your search results in pictures, instead of listing data. A feature similar to this is available on We believe this is an important enough feature that we have to include the ability to compare like photographs AND to let the agent describe the photo in their own words.

Media Connect offers the following three features to describe your photographs:

  • Category (Required) – Used only to classify and compare like photographs. There are a total of 15 choices available.
  • Caption (Required) – Shown with the photographs in Matrix displays. In your own words, convey the key selling points in the photo.  This field is limited to 50 characters.
  • Description (Optional) – Shown in the Media Center on the Matrix Full listing to fully describe the details of the photo. This field is limited to 250 characters.

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