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Moneyball, Punting and the Next Presidential Election

February 7, 2012  |  by John Heithaus

Now that the SuperBowl is behind us, I wanted to bring up an article I read not too long about a high school football coach from Arkansas. Kevin Kelley, Head Coach Of Pulaski Academy, is a proponent of a “philosophy (crazy) enough to make a grizzled coaching veteran have a stroke. He doesn’t punt, refuses to have his players return punts and chooses to onside kick every time his team lines up for a kickoff.”

Why? As the Sports Illustrated article tells us,  Kelley is a fan of deep data research that tells him giving the ball back to the opposing team is an act of defeat and should be avoided. In the SI article he says “when a team punts from near its end zone, the opponent will take possession inside the 40-yard line and will then score a touchdown 77 percent of the time. If it recovers on downs inside the 10, it will score a touchdown 92 percent of the time. “So [forsaking] a punt, you give your offense a chance to stay on the field,” he said. “And if you miss, the odds of the other team scoring only increase 15 percent. It’s like someone said, ‘[Punting] is what you do on fourth down,’ and everyone did it without asking why”  Does his approach work? “Pulaski moved to No. 3 in the state AP poll and retained its No. 1 ranking in Arkansas Class 4A, a good bet to win a third state title in the last eight years” (source: Jon Wertheim, Sports Illustrated).

Very soon thereafter, I was reading Ad Age and this article came across the wire: Why the 2012 Presidential Race Will Be Defined By Data.  The premise here is that candidates have deep and powerful insights into a voter’s preferences and positions like never before. By using the chart below as a guide, decisions, platforms and ad campaigns are created and deployed with confidence.

So, what’s all this mean to real estate and re professionals you might ask? Everything! We’re 110% into a data-driven culture, economy and the decision making environment. Buyers and sellers alike are more connected, savvier, better informed and more confident than ever — the NAR 2011 Buyer Survey supports this.

MRIS is working full time to develop tools and resources for this brave new data-driven world. Along with RBI, our market intelligence firm that provides real time market analytics, our goal is to make sure you are the smartest person in the room on the topic of residential real estate. Stay tuned fore more, and if you have not done so already, come to RBI and sign up for a subscription. Your 2012 will be better off  and more productive money-wise as a result.

BTW, some quick observations about the data below. Democrats are renters. Independents are home buyers. Republicans can go either way re: homeownership.


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